What is the difference between a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a psychotherapist and a coach?


Psychologist is a graduate of a single-subject master’s degree in psychology at a Philosophical Faculty (in our country with the title of Mgr. or subsequently PhDr. in front of his or her name), who deals with psychology within his or her work. A psychologist can specialize in various fields (for example: prison psychologist, work psychologist, school psychologist, etc.), where their job differs according to the specialization. School psychologist deals with the diagnosis of school maturity, and so on.



Psychiatrist is a doctor, a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine (in our country with the title of MUDr. in front of his or her name), who deals with psychiatry professionally, so he or she has a certificate in psychiatry, which he or she will obtain after at least 5 years of psychiatric practice and passing attestation exams. Professionally, he or she can then specialize in various sub-areas of psychiatry, such as child psychiatry, addiction treatment, etc. Unlike a psychologist, a psychiatrist can prescribe medication.



Psychotherapist can be a psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, etc., but he or she needs to have completed a psychotherapeutic education (several years of training culminating in an examination). Additionally, he or she must have undergone his or her own psychotherapy and have received continuous supervision of his or her own practice.



It is a person who helps people set goals and then achieve their goals. The problem with the word coach is that there is no clear rule about who can call themself a coach and who can’t. As a result, the word coach can be used by anyone. The difference between psychotherapy and coaching is that the goal of psychotherapeutic efforts is to alleviate or eliminate the client’s problems, it is a method of treatment, while the goal of coaching is to help achieve goals (for example a weight loss, getting a dream job, etc.). However, sometimes we run into the limits of coaching when the obstacles that prevent us from achieving our goals are hidden deep within us. It is then better to choose the path of psychotherapy which works on a deeper level than coaching.

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