Why does psychotherapy sometimes take months or years?

Therapy brings a better understanding of oneself. Gradually we better understand our feelings, ways of behaving, triggers, and realize how and why we react to different situations. This awareness deepens over time. We begin to see contexts that we have not seen before, we understand ourselves better, and we can accept or change some aspects of our personality.

Over time, the relationship and trust between the client and the therapist also gradually deepens

The client feels safer and can explore deeper. Short-term therapy helps to eliminate some problems, leads to an improvement of the condition. Long-term therapy has the potential to improve your inner self, lead a fuller life, and allows you to cope with trauma or unpleasant situations from the past. Human development takes place when experiencing new circumstances. With varying degrees of awareness we return to old topics, look at them from different angles and integrate them into our view of ourselves.

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