Why therapy for companies?

30% of your colleagues have a problem that limits their work.

Therapy can make them feel better
and help them accomplish their work agenda.

More enthusiasm for work
They will be more productive, efficient and fully motivated
Willingness to develop
They can get rid of the barriers that hinder their development
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Improved communication
They will find it easier to manage relationships and communicate better with colleagues
koláž terapie

Online therapy works
and is suitable for everyone

Studies have shown that online psychotherapy is as effective as face-to-face psychotherapy”1 and is considered by clients as a practical way of providing psychotherapeutic services.2
  (Barak, Hen, Boniel-Nissim, & Shapira, 2008)(Andrews et al., 2018)
Therapy is via video call and is available immediately. From the office and home office.
You solve your problem right away. With a therapist you choose according to your preferences.
Everyone has a problem that they would like to talk to someone who understands. And completely anonymously.
How to start?

Introducing therapy in your company will be a breeze

We will select the appropriate benefits for your team
After discussing your needs and options, we will recommend the most suitable solution.
We will organise an introductory workshop with a therapist
This will help the team with mental resilience and we will also introduce the benefit.
We will create a special page for you with all the information
This makes it easy for everyone to access benefits and useful information.
terapeuti, malá koláž
Your team can choose from 100+ professionals
Video messages and a special “matching test” make the choice easier.
Every month we prepare tailored content for you
On topics related to wellbeing and mental resilience.
You will receive regular anonymised reports from us
This gives you an overview of how your team is using the benefit.

You will find only verified and qualified professionals.

Your team doesn’t need to install anything, calls are made on a secure platform on our website.

Our customer support responds within 5 minutes 7 days a week.

We also provide support for English-speaking colleagues and in 4 other languages.

Let’s arrange
a no-obligation consultation

Choose a date that suits you

We are happy to answer questions such as:

What % of the team usually use the service?

What would be the specific offer for you?

How exactly does the system work and what does it offer?

Or leave us your contact details and we will get back to you

  1. We will call you briefly to find out how best to set everything up for you.

  2. We will create a tailor-made offer for you and we will be happy to provide you with free access so that you can try everything.