Couples therapy is for all couples who want to work on their relationship

It is common in a relationship for the initial feeling of infatuation to eventually be replaced by a more sober, but perhaps deeper, sense of love for the other person. In the course of living together, worries, disagreements, mundanity start to come… Sometimes we may struggle to communicate with each other or feel unfulfilled in the relationship. Conflicts can cause disagreements about child rearing, cohabitation with extended family and, importantly, satisfaction with sex life. Couples therapy can help, the only condition is that both partners are willing to work on their relationship and share their feelings.

What if the partner is not ready or simply does not want to work on the relationship yet?

It is true that a problem between two people should be solved by two people. But sometimes the other person may feel that couples therapy is not the right solution, or maybe they don’t even feel the problems you have that much. There is no simple advice on how to get the other person to come to therapy, and any pressure can also easily trigger further conflict.

However, if one partner has the will to overcome the problems and save the relationship, nothing is lost. It can be helpful to start with individual therapy and arrange a session with a professional who also does couples therapy. After all, as they say, it’s always good to start with yourself. Perhaps then it will be your feelings and your experiences with therapy that will help convince your partner that couple therapy makes sense for your relationship.

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Psychotherapists specialising in couples therapy online
Lenka Knag, MA (1000+ h of experience)
Depression Anxiety Trauma Psychosomatics
Proven therapeutic training
„It is a joy to be hidden, but a disaster not to be found.“
55 € / session
Bc. Lucie Rust M.Sc. (500+ h of experience)
Stress Relation ships Intimacy and sexuality Life changes
Attendant of therapeutic training
„”Life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved. It’s your road and yours alone, I may walk it with you, but cannot walk it for you.” Inspired by Rumi & Winnie Pooh“
55 € / session
Aaron Gil, MA (3000+ h of experience)
Anxiety Relation ships Parenthood Trauma
Proven therapeutic training
„You are the expert on your own life and experiences. I work for you; to support you in getting from where you are currently, to where you want to be.“
55 € / session
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Research shows that online psychotherapy is as effective as face-to-face sessions

Studies have shown that online psychotherapy is comparably effective to face-to-face psychotherapy1and is considered by clients to be a practical way of providing psychotherapeutic services.2
  (Barak, Hen, Boniel-Nissim, & Shapira, 2008)
(Andrews et al., 2018)
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