Up to one-third of us are concerned by something
that can be effectively addressed through therapy

No problem is so small that you have to be on your own

When anxiety overwhelms you

When you’re not just in a bad mood

When coping with relationship issues

When you want to grow and develop

How therapy works what can it do for you?

To make therapy effective, we will help you
in finding the appropriate therapist

With a fast 5-minute test,
we’ll help you find someone who will listen to you

We carefully select our therapists

A therapist must go through a proper procedure and have demonstrated education and training before joining our community.

We can help you find the best therapist

We will provide you the three most appropriate therapists based on your needs after a quick test.

If you still don’t feel comfortable, try someone else for free

If you are not satisfied after the first session, we will refund your money so you can try someone else.

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Try therapy from the comfort of your home

Online therapy is just as effective as face-to-face therapy

Research shows that online therapy has the same effect as face-to-face therapy, plus many benefits

An independent study on the effectiveness of online psychotherapy

Anonymously and quickly

You can have a therapist within 5 minutes

Securely and from anywhere

The call takes place on a secure platform and you can connect from anywhere you have internet

With mobile app

You’ll have your Hedepy on hand whenever you need it

Run the test

The hardest thing is to take the first step

In as little as 5 minutes we can help you find a therapist
who will listen to you

You can do everything from the comfort of your home

Anonymously, securely and quickly

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after the first session, we will refund your money

If you are unsure what to do, we can help you

We are here for you on phone and email if you don’t know what to do

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