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Hedepy is a complete “mental
health” program for companies

350 psychotherapists, 12 languages, mood monitoring, lessons, and content tailored to make
your team feel their best – and work their best.

Get the perfect overview of what’s going on in the company

Do you know how your employees are feeling, which teams are overburdened, and where communication is lacking?


Support the team with online courses, articles and webinars

Not only are our courses and webinars popular, we can get them to people at the right time.


A chat psychologist can help with minor or intimate issues

Immediate responses without the need to block hourly therapy saves time.


When dealing with stress, relationships, or burnout, online therapy might be beneficial.

It has been discovered that up to 30% of the population is troubled by something that a therapist can effectively help with. And a peaceful mind helps both life and performance.


Over 30% of your team is probably experiencing something that is limiting them in their work and life

Help in difficult situations

Since our daughter joined us, it’s been very challenging…
I’m tired of my job, it’s too much… a little longer and I think I’ll burn out…

Help with productivity and motivation

I’ve already missed work twice because I was afraid of the presentation. I feel terrible about it.

People are the foundation of a company’s success, so it’s critical to make them feel good.

Companies that use psychological support for business see considerable gains in key indicators.

Unwanted departures

Team fulfillment

Job offer acceptance conversion

Join the company club,
where people are more than simply resources.

„Therapy is a means for us to help colleagues achieve greater well-being, balance or self-knowledge. We particularly notice the feedback when a new month begins and colleagues eagerly ask for a new voucher to book their next session.“
Daniel Soukup
Daniel Soukup HR Director
„The satisfaction of our employees is important to us. We introduced online therapy for our employees because we believe that people need to be mentally well first in order to do a good job and develop. Otherwise, their performance and ability to learn declines.“
Lucie Rydvanová
Lucie Rydvanová HR Business Partner
„We are aware that we all deal with different situations in life and if anyone feels they need advice, they can always turn to our accessible and fast online help. We want to support our staff in this regard and promote mental health care in the future.“
Lenka Nováková
Lenka Nováková Compensation&Benefits Specialist – Generali

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