Teen psychotherapy helps to cope with the challenging period of adolescence

Young people are often at odds between their personal needs and expectations of the society and their environment. This can lead to conflict and mental discomfort. Psychotherapy for adolescents most often addresses anxiety and depression, psychosomatic problems, self-harm, bullying, trauma processing or eating disorders. But it is also suitable for anyone who wants to navigate their life, better manage their emotions, heal past wounds, understand themselves and others, and improve their relationships.

Child psychotherapists for young people aged 13 to 18 years are guided by the principle that the client’s well-being always comes first. Therefore, it is not possible to take into account the feelings or mental state of parents, siblings and other family members. Family therapy is designed to address complex relationships. You can also book this here at Hedepy.

Parental consent is not necessary, but it’s better to discuss it with them

If you are between 13 and 18 years old, you can book a session with a psychotherapist on your own assuming that you feel mature enough and able to make a decision without your parents. However, it may be that the therapist will still ask for your parents’ consent before the second session, just to be safe. In this case, we will help you to arrange everything, at your request. Our recommendation is to discuss everything with your parents anyway. For example, you may want to send them a link to this page.

The therapist maintains confidentiality even with young adults, without which the therapy would not work

The therapist’s vow of confidentiality, which also applies to young clients, is an important element of therapy. In the case of therapy for youngsters, confidentiality may be limited, especially if the therapist has a so-called reporting obligation under Czech law. This applies to a therapist if he/she becomes aware, for example, of the commission of a crime. In the case of suspicion that a child is being abused, mistreated or his/her healthy development is threatened, the therapist is obliged to exclude the presence of the legal representative from the examination.

How do I tell my parents that I need the help of a therapist?

Don’t be afraid to talk to your parents about it. Tell them as soon as possible, including why you want to take part in therapy and how the professional can help you. For example, you could send them a link to this website where they can find all the information they need to support you.

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Psychotherapists specialising in therapy for teens online
Bc. Jana Kosová, MSc. (500+ h of experience)
Anxiety Self-confidence Relation ships Trauma
Attendant of therapeutic training
„I believe everybody needs to feel genuinely heard and seen. Experience that there is another human being standing by your side who fully accepts yourself here and now. And that is the way how I meet my clients.“
53 € / session
Aaron Gil, MA (3000+ h of experience)
Anxiety Relation ships Parenthood Trauma
Proven therapeutic training
„You are the expert on your own life and experiences. I work for you; to support you in getting from where you are currently, to where you want to be.“
53 € / session
Barbora Halamová (500+ h of experience)
Anxiety Solitude Relation ships Parenthood
Attendant of therapeutic training
„I believe that no matter what circumstances and difficulties we encounter, we can live a life that’s full, good, and in harmony with ourselves. Psychotherapy can be a huge help on that journey.
53 € / session
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Research shows that online psychotherapy is as effective as face-to-face sessions

Studies have shown that online psychotherapy is comparably effective to face-to-face psychotherapy1 and is considered by clients to be a practical way of providing psychotherapeutic services.2
  (Barak, Hen, Boniel-Nissim, & Shapira, 2008)
(Andrews et al., 2018)
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