Mental and physical torture both hurt. Have you experienced it in the past or are you still experiencing ridicule or harm? Have you not found support or are you afraid to entrust your experience to someone else? That’s why psychotherapy is here. To offer you a safe place where you can talk about your suffering.

What is bullying? How do we recognize bullying?

Bullying is a physical or mental restraint that causes suffering to another person and puts him or her in a subordinate position. The aggressor emerges from a position of power and the victim is afraid of the consequences of possible resistance. We encounter bullying in school  extracurricular activities, at work, in the family and in any other types of group setting. Manifestations vary, from swearing and deliberate mischiefs to stealing things and even beatings.

What can be the forms of bullying in the workplace?

In the workplace, for example, both colleagues (mobbing) and superiors (bossing) can make our lives uncomfortable. Bullying can have various motives, such as sexual, racial, career, etc. What is talked about much less is the bullying of subordinates towards a superior, (staffing), which is no less serious.

How do we defend against bullying?

Bullying at any age and in any form is unacceptable because it has great consequences for the victim. So it is wise to tell someone about it as soon as possible, confide in them and plan the next steps. There is definitely no solution in trying to just “live through” bullying. We spend a large part of our lives in teams and we should feel safe in them.

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What does cyberbullying mean?

With the rise of modern technology, chats and social networks, cyberbullying is also emerging. These are hostile actions on the Internet, especially psychological ones, with huge consequences for the victim and aggressor.  It could be conversations, calls, photos, videos, etc. Electronic outputs remain in the depths of the Internet and can be further spreaded around.

How can therapy help me with bullying?

Psychotherapy can be a suitable impartial helper if you have experienced bullying or are currently experiencing bullying. It can help mitigate its effects on current life, or help you identify how to defend against it. Bullying is also often connected with being afraid of the consequences of “saying something.” Online therapy may therefore be a suitable anonymous environment to which you can turn.

The real story of a client and how the therapy helped them:

“I experienced bullying three times in the workplace. Bad luck?? In retrospect, I see that  from the therapy I mainly expected understanding and reassurance that it was not my fault. In short, the doubts I had about myself were too much. I didn’t say anything to my friends or family, I was ashamed. My therapist was the only one I could confide in. He helped me bear the feeling of despair and, above all, to deal with the whole situation constructively. I eventually left work and temporarily worked from home. But more importantly, to break free from the role of the victim I lived in without realizing it. I like going to work today. And I believe that will be the case forever.”

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