How do I prepare for the first session?

When doing a session online, we recommend that clients find a quiet place where they will not be disturbed, and where they feel comfortable and safe.

Our tips

We recommend preparing a glass with water, tea and possibly bringing tissues. When it comes to mental training, try to realize what led you to decide to start therapy and what you want to do. Decide what changes you would like to achieve. The therapist will probably ask you something along those lines. It is perfectly fine if you do not know exactly how to describe your unpleasant feelings. That is why we go to therapy to orient ourselves in our feelings and thoughts and to find ways to improve. You can prepare questions about the course of therapy or the therapist, but it is not necessary, the therapist will discuss it with you anyway. The basis of success is your decision and willingness to work on yourself towards the desired change.


What are you interested in?

We help individuals with various presenting problems.