We are looking for psychotherapists
and psychiatrist

We have the highest standards when it comes to ethics, education or professional experience

Are you a psychotherapist?

We want to work with the best to change our clients lives for the better. Are you a certified therapist? Join us on our mission.

Are you a psychiatrist?

Under the supervision of Unicare clinic we are providing online psychiatric care. Join us on our mission to make mental health care accessible.

Why join Hedepy

Gain additional clients
and income

Concentrate on therapy,
we’ll take care of everything else

  • You just log in to your account. You don’t have to install anything. We support all the most common browsers.

  • The service also works well on the phone.

  • The connection is encrypted and secure, only you and your customers will see or hear your conversation.

Easily set up your calendar according to your needs

  • Manage your own time, you can offer sessions how you see fit.

  • Connect Hedepy to your other calendars and see all your bookings in one place.

We take care of all the time consuming and administrative stuff

  • We take care of marketing and client service.
    New clients will find you easily and in case there is any problem, we will take care of it.

  • Clear overview of your sessions, clients, payments etc. You can see everything in one place in your account.

  • Your fee is paid monthly and is determined by the number of sessions.

Community and support for growth

  • We are community of therapists of various therapeutic schools and directions sharing knowledge and passion for what we do.

  • We want to grow together as a community. We share supervision, intervision and community meetups to help you become better therapist.

  • There is our ever expanding knowledge base for you to grow even more.

We work with the best of the best

We make sure members of our community match high standard professional criteria

Contact us via email, we will get back to you with prescreen form and set up an interview.
We check your certificates of education and perform an entrance interview.
We have a special bootcamp to onboard you, then we will create a profile and get you going fast.
You can focus on therapy and your clients, we will manage the rest.

Requirements for psychotherapists

  • Psychotherapists with completed training meeting the criteria of professional organizations (ČAP, EAP).

  • Psychotherapists in training, under supervision, meeting the criteria of professional organizations. (ČAP, EAP).

  • Psychotherapists who are members of professional organizations (ČAP, EAP).

Requirements for psychiatrists

  • We collaborate with certified psychiatrists in the Czech Republic.


We will be happy to explain all the
details over the phone, video call or in person

Pavla Zelenáková
Pavla Zelenáková Comunity manager

Leave us your contact and we
will get back to you ASAP

We will arrange a meeting in person or online to answer all your questions.

At Hedepy we believe mental
well-being is the key to a happier life

More than 10 000 clients all around Europe have got help on Hedepy

Only fraction of people with mental health issues actively seek help. We are changing that every day with every client.

Hedepy now is available in 12 languages and 12 countries.


What therapists say about us

“I am thrilled to be a member of the Hedepy therapist community. We acquire the opportunity to deepen our therapeutic work by sharing tales from our practice. Each of us therapists works with our customers’ unique problems. We grow our professionalism by sharing our experiences with one another, whether in group supervision or interactive webinars, even when we are in the presence of individuals who have similar professional aims and desires.”
Mgr. Tomáš Fulop 31/07/2023
“Hedepy has provided me the ability to accomplish what I enjoy, which is having time and space flexibility.” Being able to take on new clients, expand my psychological practice, and change my workload has been a fantastic option for me.”
PhDr. Andrea Fejová 26/07/2023
“I met Hedepy less than two years ago while I was deciding how to begin private practice counseling. It was a chance I decided to take, and I have no regrets. This internet platform provided me with just what I needed: more professional independence and freedom. The flexibility of working from home or elsewhere, as well as the number of clients, gave me the confidence to leave my job after 35 years. As a newbie to Hedepy, I was greeted with warmth, attention, and a wealth of professional and technical assistance, for which I am still thankful. I’ve seen Hedepy grow and improve its services for both parties during my time there. In their profile, every therapist now has not only everything they need for an online session, but also an academy with useful information and background for personal work with feedback – statistics and reviews from clients. If you are currently considering a change in your work area, I can only recommend Hedepy.”
Mgr. Iva Semíková 05/08/2023