Our aim is to make quality mental health care available to all

It is estimated that up to 40% of people in Europe suffer from psychological
But only 1/3 of them seek help. And we would like to change that.

How we do it

We bring together 400+ first-class therapists and the best technology possible for real impact

Community of therapists on Hedepy is of various therapeutic schools and directions sharing knowledge and passion for therapy making lives better.

Improving affordability through cooperation with insurances companies and employers

20 000+ employees and millions of insured people are covered

With the highest professional and ethical standards

We make sure our therapists match the highest professional standards and ethical criteria at all times. We strictly follow EAP statement of ethical principles.

Hedepy is secure, anonymous and intimate

There are only two people in the call. Our platform is encrypted, secure and reliable.


More than 10 000 clients all around Europe have got help on Hedepy

Only fraction of people with mental health issues actively seek help. We are changing that every day with every client.

Hedepy now is available in 12 languages and 12 countries.

Hedepy is VC backed company For investors

Our main office is based in Prague, but our team is all around Europe

Hedepy s. r. o.

V Tišině 474/3, Dejvice,
160 00 Praha 6

IČ: 09206281
DIČ: CZ09206281

(+420) 228 811 555 We are available for you
every day 7:00 – 19:00

Mgr. Lukáš Krčil

Chief Executive Officer

Roman Zámečník

Chief Product Officer

Madalina Golgotiu

Therapists director

Jakub Janoušek

Chief Technology Officer

Eva Peterkova

Growth Leader

Radek Šnajdr

Chief Marketing Officer

Veornika Mazari

Human Resources

Cyril Tůma

Chief Financial Officer

Karolina Chrenová

Head of Customer care
Many others great team members who care about mental health

We make mental well-being be
heard and talked about