Test Your Stress

The Perceived Stress Scale (PSS-10) is a self-assessment questionnaire that assesses how unexpected, unmanageable, and difficult your life is.

Simply answer ten questions to determine the level of stress in your life.

Stress-test yourself

Stress has always existed and will continue to exist throughout our lives. Although we often feel stress negatively, its primary function is to protect us. But what if it spreads and causes more harm than good to our health?

Stress is a normal human reaction to a potentially dangerous scenario. Such a reaction occurs on both a mental (feeling stimulated) and a physical level (increased breathing and heart rate, blood flow to muscles), and can save us in a life-threatening situation.


Understanding your current level of stress is the first step in taking control

Test yourself
  • We have prepared a set of standardized tests on various topics.
  • The results of the tests are only indicative, and it is best to consult an expert afterwards.
  • The tests will help you understand your mental health better.
Self Tests

The PSS-10 stress test contains only 10 questions. The whole test usually takes 2-3 minutes.