What is psychotherapy? And who is it for?

If you are thinking about psychotherapy, it is definitely worth trying. Psychotherapy does not have to be the last resort for crisis situations, and it does not only serve those who suffer from more serious mental problems. It is suitable for anyone who wants to work on and better understand themselves.

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is treatment by psychological means, the aim of which is to alleviate or eliminate the client’s problems. As a result, there is usually an increase in the level of self-knowledge, self-acceptance, self-realization and self-esteem. Psychotherapy can help us gain a broader view of ourselves, become aware of established patterns of thinking and behavior, uncover our life’s  meaning, achieve a higher quality of life, and fulfill our potential.


I have no serious problem, does therapy make sense for me at all?

Psychotherapy is not just for the treatment of severe mental disorders. It is an opportunity to get to know ourselves better, to understand the dynamics in our relationships and to develop your potential so that we may live healthy and fulfilling lives.

I feel really bad, I need help, is Hedepy suitable for me?

If you are not feeling well, there is no point in waiting, talk to a psychotherapist as soon as possible. Thanks to the online environment, you have access to psychotherapists from all over the Czech Republic and you can make appointments very quickly.

If you feel that you need immediate help (e.g. you are in a state where you could endanger yourself or others), do not wait, contact the crisis line 116 123 straight away.

internetinė terapija

How do I choose the right therapist?

With the right therapist, you should feel relaxed and confident. It is common to simply “try” several therapists to find the right fit for you. To help you with your selection, we have made short videos with therapists that will help you become acquainted with their personality before the session itself. It is also worth reading the reviews of other users.


What can therapy help me with?

Therapy helps with a wide range of topics, from current dissatisfaction with relationship problems to deep trauma. It is mainly up to you what goals you choose with your psychotherapist.

What are you interested in?

We help individuals with various presenting problems.