You may feel that something is missing in your life. Maybe the same things keep happening to you over and over again, and you wonder why. You may have questions that you don’t know the answers to, even if you are really looking for them. And for all the other “maybes,” you don’t have to be alone. Psychotherapy is here for you, whether you come in with a specific topic or with a general feeling.

It is primarily about how you feel during or after the session, whether you trust the person sitting opposite you and can express yourself freely in their company. Feelings, likes and dislikes, or first impressions might be useful indicators; let them lead you. To make this first step as simple as possible, we created video indroductions in which our therapists introduce themselves to you in person.

Is psychotherapy appropriate even if nothing in particular is bothering me?

Absolutely yes. You don't have to have a specific reason for seeing a therapist. Mental health is equally essential as physical health. We can feel emotionally ill just as much as we do physically. We may have a feeling that something is amiss with us, but we are unable to identify it.

What situations can arise?

  • we find it difficult to cope with the aftermath of a break-up
  • feeling unwell for a long time
  • getting into conflicts all the time
  • our mind says everything should be fine, nothing specific is happening, but we still don't feel happy

These scenarios can have a tremendous impact on our lives. They can leave us feeling lost, helpless, or isolated. A psychotherapist can help you comprehend, name, and cope with your emotions. In reality, psychotherapy may be more than just a solution to our issues; it can also help us grow interpersonally. Psychotherapy is an excellent choice for those who want to maximize their own potential.

What other factors will influence my choice of therapist?

There is a powerful yet simple question that can help you find your bearings: What do I truly anticipate from psychotherapy? Maybe your answer is to feel more healthy, to sleep better, or to meet a life companion. Whatever it is, you can compare your response to the subjects we've provided below each of our therapist profiles. Take this as a hint only. In actuality, knowing the answer to this question is not a need for selecting a psychotherapist; it is simply a useful guide to assist you make your decision. We have produced a full breakdown of how to choose a suitable therapist.

How important is the psychotherapeutic approach of the therapist for the correct selection of the therapist?

It is a good practice for each psychotherapist to give information regarding the psychotherapeutic direction in which he/she has trained. This is a standard that we also honour at Hedepy. In the profile of our therapists you can come across psychodynamic direction, Gestalt psychotherapists, systemic approach and many other therapeutic directions. So if this information is important to you, you are free to choose your psychotherapist according to your preferences. Each therapeutic direction has its own specifics. However, if you have no concept what to envision under the above conditions, it is totally fine. Stay true to your gut or select a psychotherapist based on alternative criteria. In our view, the quality of your relationship with your psychotherapist is more vital to quality therapy than the therapeutic direction.

What if I still can't choose the right therapist?

While we completely understand your concerns, we'd like to clarify that choosing the best therapist does not imply selecting one over others. It is actually more likely that you will like all of them. However, each session will be unique, and you will continue to progress. At the same time, it is acceptable to completely stop therapies with your therapist if they are simply not a good fit. In these circumstances, you can contact another professional using Hedepy, which you can find in the Therapists section. And if you are not completely satisfied in any manner, we will simply refund your money.

Thinking about therapy?

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We choose our therapists carefully
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We will help you find the best therapist
We will help you find the best therapist
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We will complement the therapy with video lessons
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