Sexuality is rooted in us biologically. Scientific studies are known which show that children in the prenatal period (in their mother’s body) smile at the physical stimulation of the sexes. We see the same thing in young children, who normally touch their genitals and experience excitement. Yet sexuality causes us many troubles. Psychotherapy is one of the ways we can be satisfied in the field of intimacy and sexuality.

How to recognize your sexuality?

Sexuality is not about who you have sex with or how often you have it. Sexuality is a combination of sexual thoughts, feelings, desires and behavior towards others. Sexuality is diverse, unique and knowledge of the laws of one’s own sexuality contributes to a happy life. If you experience confusion in your sexuality, it is more beneficial to go to a psychotherapist and explore sexuality in a safe environment than to take any sexuality test on the Internet.

What are the common problems in sex?

According to experts, sexual problems can affect up to 40% of people. They are accompanied by an unusual, incomplete or disturbed bodily response to otherwise effective sexual stimulation. The problem is not due to any bodily cause, they have a mental component. The most common sexual problems include lack or loss of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction in men, premature ejaculation, or inability to reach orgasm (especially in women).

How to overcome aversion to sex?

Lack of sexual desire is one of the most common sexual problems more often affecting women. It manifests itself in the fact that your partner does not want to sleep with you, which leads to a lack of sex in marriage, and can cause other relationship problems. Generally speaking, aversion to sex is a defense mechanism by which the body defends itself. The causes can vary, from unpleasant sexual experiences in the past, fatigue and chronic stress to anxiety or other diseases. Psychotherapy can be an effective way not only for individuals who suffer from this aversion, but also for the couple, when the other is frustrated that the partner does not want to sleep with them.

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Could there be a problem with a mental erection?

Many therapists have heard the client say “I can’t do it” or “I’ll do it too soon”. Up to 20% of erectile dysfunction disorders are related to the human psyche. These are most often stress, guilt over the partner’s dissatisfaction, nervousness, pressure to perform, associated with low self-esteem, or anxiety and depression. Therefore, before you visit a sexologist or a pharmacy for pills, consult a psychotherapist and try to discuss your problems first.

How to increase libido?

Loss of libido or decreased arousal can be experienced by many women. This is most often encountered by women with the onset of pregnancy, maternity, overwork  and stress. Also, specific types of hormonal contraceptives can cause a decrease or loss of libido. Online psychotherapy offers a safe space in which a woman can open up, discover the causes, find a way to increase her libido and enjoy sex again.

How can online psychotherapy help treat sexual problems?

A common obstacle to contacting a psychotherapist is fear of what others will say about me. Online psychotherapy can be an ideal solution to many people’s sexual problems. Mainly because you can choose an expert from another city or region and hold the meeting from the comfort of your home through an online platform. Through this online medium you save time, and you don’t have to stress about running into someone at the specialist’s office.

The real story of the client and how the therapy helped:

“I was afraid of intimacy. At 29, I hadn’t had a single relationship yet. In the presence of women, I was ashamed to even make a sound. When I was silent through my whole first date, that I got through online dating, I hit rock bottom. By practicing mindfulness on the advice of my therapist, I learned not to focus on my nervousness. I started training to face my fear and I am in a happy relationship today.”

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