Having technical issues with a video call?

The best and fastest way to help you is by phone. Therefore, feel free to call our customer support directly on +420 771 123 001.

Common problems:

Enabling the use of a microphone and camera in the browser

Before you can use the service, you must allow it to access your computer’s camera and microphone.


How to allow access for the first time:

  1. The first time you use the service, the application notifies you to allow access to the microphone and camera. You can close this window.
  2. At the same time, depending on your browser, a window will appear asking for permission to access. Click enable.
  3. If you didn’t see the access request or you denied access, you can re-enable it in settings. (at the bottom right click on “kebab menu / three dots)
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Unstable internet connection

If your call is disconnected or is experiencing delays, we recommend that you try the following

  1. If you are using a wireless internet connection, try moving your device closer to the router if possible
  2. Turn off your camera and ask your therapist to turn it off as well. This reduces the load on the data transfer.
  3. If nothing helps, you can connect via a phone call using a phone number and PIN. If necessary, customer support on +420 771 123 001 will help you with a telephone connection.
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